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Wild-harvested Adirondack mountains magnetite sand


From the base of Mount Marcy, the tallest peak in New York State in the Adirondack Mountains, from the tailings piles of magnetite at the old Tahawus iron and titanium mine, I harvest this magnetite sand.  Intended for use in magnetite-effect ormus water kettles.  This is a good sand.  I have never purchased or used sand from John Milewski or other vendors, so I do not have that reference for comparison, but of the three wild magnetite sands which I have personally harvested, this one tested the highest on a Hieronymous-designed radionics machine operated by a 30-year veteran of radionics testing.  I enjoy the MEOW water which I make with this sand.  In my own MEOW devices, I usually add a bit of other materials, including Spanish River Carbonatite, to the magnetite mixture.

Sand may be in a very slightly moist condition.  Please include $15.95 to cover the shipping charge for orders up to 60 pounds within the USA.  This covers a large flat-rate Priority Mail box.

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