Fermented elixirs and Ormus brews

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Ormus brew


Made with blackstrap molasses, four types of rock dusts, kelp, sea salt, and many other ingredients.  It is brewed in a 100 degree environment for four weeks in radioactive, aetherically charged, high light conditions with other subtle energies moderation in the environment as well.  The fermentation is dominated by photosynthetic microorganisms and other species of Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes (SAM).  See the FAQ section for more information.  Ormus brews have a sour, slightly smoky flavor with noticeable flavors of blackstrap molasses; it is sour, but not unpleasant.

Disclaimer: I wrote the following, and also the FAQ, several years ago. ...:

The culmination of several years of work on processes and formulation, ormus brews have an extremely high vibration, as close to love as anything you will ever see in all likelihood.  I have had these brews undergo radionics testing and this is how they tested: the only other thing which was on the same level very near love, as tested by a Hieronymous-trained 30-year veteran of radionics and many strange-science and health-related fields, as these brews was magnetic-drive motors which generated over-unity "free enegy."

These brews have a very palpable energy feel once you get used to them and begin to understand their high energy.  The best way to consume them is frequent small sips.  Over time, your body will adjust to this vibration.  Two things are likely to happen: one is that you will become better able to deal with stress, the other is that you will lose the desire to do harmful/self-destructive activities as you begin to dwell in Love more often.

Please see the FAQ section for more information on the beneficial properties of these brews as they relate to heart and spirit and health.

Different flavors/emphases of herbal ingredients available at different times.

Price is $10/16 fl. oz. bottle, $50/gallon, and $150/four gallons.  For up to 8 bottles, shipping is $11.00.  For up to 12 bottles, shipping is $16.00.  For one gallon, $30.  For four gallons, $45.

Please send the required funds including shipping directly to me via my email address at Paypal, which is ineffable five zero zero at gmail (dot-com).  Otherwise, contact me via email about payment.  The Pay Now button on this page does not allow for adjustment of quantity ordered and shipping cost differences.

For orders of gallons or more than one bottle, please send money directly to my email address, [email protected], through PayPal, instead of using the order function of this website, in order that you can pay the correct amount for shipping charges.

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