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Jenny Cell: an aetheric energy generator


A very powerful Jenny Cell, capable of radiating aetheric/orgone energy into the environment out to a radius of several hundred feet or more.  The Jenny Cell is based loosely upon the orgone accumulator technology of Wilhelm Reich, but realizing that the important parts of Reich's design was the shape and the number of layers and the materials used, not the arrangement of which type of material faces inward or outward.

When placed in an automobile, it may be used to improve fuel economy and gas mileage.  In a home, it may decrease heating and electricity bills.  It may be useful in healing, or in agriculture, or in accelerating plant growth, or in brewing microorganisms.  Probably the best reason to have a Jenny Cell is to produce harmony and happiness in your living environment, or in your garden, or in your dairy barn, etc.

I can generally suggest that only happy health and harmony can result from a Jenny Cell; but, for more specific uses, such as in an automobile or certain agricultural applications, one will need to have the inner ability to "work" with aetheric energy.  Since very few persons possess this gift of ability, very few will be able to make a Jenny Cell do anything other than radiate energy generally into its local environment.  I may be doing more specific work with R&D of specific uses of Jenny Cells in agriculture.

The Cell comes equipped with plugs for one or more 9V alkaline batteries.  After plugging in the batteries, the Cell will take several days to charge itself, and then a further several days to several months to saturate the local environment, out to a radius of up to several hundred feet, with aetheric energy.  My cells are partially transparent so that you can partially see how I make them.  My cells are constructed well and quite powerful.

Shipping TBD.  Cells will become available starting in January, 2012.  (Currently sold out.)

Please contact me before ordering.

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